Software Screenshots

Data Base Administration

This is your set-up section, for you to input who will be using your system,
as well as including all your company's information.

Drop Down Lists

This is where we customise your business software, which will include your personnel,
geographical areas covered, through to what type of jobs you do.

Customer Menu

Here you can view an existing customer at a touch of the keyboard.
You can look them up by name, post code or an address.
New customers and prospects can be input here.

Customer Contracts

If you have any customers on contract then this will store all your renewal dates
and how often they will need invoicing and the contract value.
The prospect box will let you know if a prospects existing contract is up for renewal.
Time to approach the prospect with the renewals list.


This page will tell you when a job was allocated and how to allocate a new job with that customer.
From here you can email your job sheet to anyone who needs it.
All communication is recorded here as well of the cost of the job when completed.
An invoice is then created for you to send out.


Reports can be seen for any area of your business. The filters can narrow down specifics from post codes,
personnel, date ranges and by customer. This section will also keep a portfolio total of all your customers,
so you can track the growth and value of your business.

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